Why Women feel an Emotional Connection to Jewelry?

There are countless items that we feel an emotional connection to. We live in a materialistic world where buying, making, using, wearing, and decorating items is ever-present. However, jewelry has been around for thousands of years and people have always had a special connection to it. Although we do not know exactly whether the first necklaces and bracelets for women were worn by women or men in ancient times, nowadays we associate jewelry with women more than with men. So, it comes as no surprise that women have a strong emotional connection to jewelry.

Jewelry is a perfect way for a woman to express her style

Women used to wait for men to buy them a piece of jewelry. While there is nothing wrong with that, and while it is beautiful and touching to be gifted a necklace or a ring, there is something special in buying that ring for yourself. With growing financial freedom, women can buy themselves what they want, and jewelry is high on that list of items. The emotional connection here is twofold.

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Women can celebrate their achievements by buying and wearing jewelry

First of all, for a woman to be able to earn her own money, advance in her career, and spend money on herself is something special and valuable. Many women decide to treat themselves with a piece of jewelry after finishing a large project, getting a promotion, advancing in their careers. That piece of jewelry will always remind them of a stage in life when they were immensely proud of themselves after a certain achievement.

Choosing jewelry for herself is something a woman can never forget

Secondly, women can express their unique style by choosing a piece of jewelry themselves. Yes, receiving jewelry as a gift is beautiful, but it can reflect the style of a giver, not the wearer. How many times has it happened that you were wearing a watch or a necklace that you did not really like but it was a dear sentiment from a person that you love? Jewelry, therefore, has a special place in a woman`s heart as they can express themselves just like they would with shoes, skirts, or any other piece of clothing. Choosing your jewelry symbolizes independence, style, freedom of choice, and much more, making an emotional connection even greater.

Rings symbolize eternal love…

Exchanging rings at a wedding ceremony is an unforgettable moment shared by two people in love. This is a tradition followed by millions and millions of people over the world for many, many years. It is amazing to see what a ring can do to a person. Whenever you look at it, you will remember and feel the emotion it caused you when you saw it for the first time. A ring is a piece of jewelry so important that it is a symbol of true and eternal love. The best part is that they don`t have to be expensive. Many husbands buy women rings that do not cost much, and later on, when they have a better financial status, they buy them another ring, but it is only the first one that counts. A woman can feel all the love in the world simply by touching a ring on her finger.

…and much more

Rings do not have to be only the symbols of an eternal love exchanged at a wedding of course. Just like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, etc. they have can have other deep meanings and places in a woman`s heart.

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An old heirloom

Wearing something that your great-grandmother used to wear makes you feel connected to your ancestors. And a single brooch or a pair of earrings can do this. You can feel connected to all the women in your family if that piece of jewelry was passed on to you by your mother, for example. The strength you feel while wearing it makes you emotionally connected to it. Losing such a valuable piece of jewelry is something that should never happen.

A story behind a piece of jewelry can be truly remarkable

The beauty of wearing a piece of jewelry is that it always has a story of its own. And only you and who you choose will know what is the story behind your jewelry. It can be a ring given to you by your first love in the park under the moonlight, or a necklace you bought from your first salary. Or a gift from your grandmother, something you found and kept for years. It is not uncommon for women to believe that a certain piece of women's jewelry is their lucky charm and that wearing it will bring them good luck. Although we know that it is a woman herself that can bring her good luck, it is wonderful to see that jewelry has such power.

Price is never important

While diamonds can be rather expensive, the purpose of jewelry is always to spark an emotion. Being beautiful and breathtaking, having a story to tell, wearing jewelry is never about money. It almost always has a deeper meaning. It is a part of your accessory that can never be replaced or outshined. The beauty of delicate jewelry is that they are valued by the emotion that they spark in a woman, and not in a price tag.

Why women feel an emotional connection to jewelry

An emotional connection between a woman and her jewelry is something wonderful and truly touching. A woman`s heart is full of desires, love, yearning, elevated emotions that are represented through jewelry. Jewelry is a symbol of a woman`s feelings, they can remind her of her greatest love and greatest work achievement. They can connect her to her feminine side more than any other item, and make her feel beautiful even if she does not feel that way. Although items only have the meaning we assign them to, jewelry has been a woman`s best friend for thousands of years, which makes her emotional connection to it even greater.