How to Layer Jewelry

Choosing which pieces of jewelry to wear in the morning is a beautiful way to start your day. Through jewelry, you can express how you feel, achieve any type of look you are going for, and enjoy every second of wearing it. A piece of jewelry is never simply a thing, it is personal, and each piece has a story to tell. Whether you bought it for yourself, or received it as a gift, wearing jewelry is the best thing in the world. This being the case, it is only natural that layering several pieces of jewelry is trending right now. Learn how to layer jewelry without overdoing it, and you will shine on any occasion.

Layering necklaces

Let us start by layering your necklaces. When doing this, you should pay attention to the necklaces` shape, variety, as well as length.

Choose the centerpiece necklace for your look

One of the necklaces will be the base for your layers. It should not be too short or long, as those are the necklaces you will layer later on. Find the necklace that suits you, and which is simple. Now, you will work around that necklace to layer others. The next necklace you will wear is a shorter one, and if you want you can choose the third one, which is longer than the previous two. The necklaces must have different lengths. If they are of the same length, you risk looking messy as your delicate necklaces will tangle up for sure.

Layonette Lazering Necklaces

Less is more…

Although layering jewelry is all about having multiple pieces of jewelry, you should know when to stop. A solid piece of advice is to take down the last piece of jewelry you put on, to avoid the risk of wearing too much jewelry. Ideally, you will wear two to three necklaces at a time to achieve the look that you want. Wearing more than 3 necklaces bears the risk of tangling, and missing on the point of layering jewelry.

…or is it?

When layering jewelry, you should get creative with the pieces you already own. If you believe that more than three necklaces will complement your style in the right way, you should go for it. There is no right or wrong here, and there are no wrong answers. Do what feels right for you, as your jewelry tells your story. Check our Tribeca necklace and give the layering necklaces trend a try!

The statement or neutral necklaces

You can make any combination you like here. One of the best ways to combine necklaces is to have the middle necklace a base for the other two, or the second one. The second necklace can be a statement necklace. However, you won`t make a mistake by combining two statement necklaces as well. What is important is that they share a certain theme. Whether it is color, material, or shape, they need to have one thing matching. This is an easy way to simply know which necklaces will go together perfectly.

Layering Necklaces Lionette by Noa Sade

Don`t be afraid of colors

Necklaces in different colors are welcome. If you are wearing a monochromatic outfit, a colorful necklace will compliment your look, and break down the monotony. So, wear a necklace of a certain color that you choose to achieve the best possible look. This can be the necklace that is the nearest to your face. In this way, it will add emphasize your look and highlight your face.

Or of shapes as well

You can combine your chain necklace with a Swarovski choker and a pendant. Wear your choker with a pendant and a chain necklace around that choker for a perfect look. On the other hand, wear a chain necklace and place a pendant on a longer necklace if you like it more that way. Either way, you won`t make a mistake and your jewelry will be layered perfectly.

Wear your bracelet with a watch

Layering jewelry is all about wearing your favorite pieces of jewelry at once. Wearing only a bracelet or a watch is no longer necessary. You can enjoy wearing your favorite bracelets along with the watch you`ve had for years. You should also have a theme here, so choose the same material or color for this combination. Wear a chain bracelet next to your watch or a hard cuff bracelet.

Enjoy both pieces at a formal event or on your way to the grocery store, as it fits perfectly in just about any occasion. When the summertime arrives, you can experiment with woven bracelets in multiple colors or some beaded bracelets. The beauty is in finding the right pieces to wear, and not stress about the rules too much.

Mix different types of bracelets

Don`t be afraid to mix all kinds of bracelets. If you have leather bracelets, diamond tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, woven or beaded bracelets, go for it without hesitation. It would be great to have a theme as well but wear what you know will compliment your looks in the best possible way. The only rule to follow with bracelets is for them to be of the same or near the same width.

Layering Bracelets

Rings are ideal for layering

You can wear as many as 15 rings on your fingers and look extraordinary. Try wearing a ring on each finger, but wear one color on one hand, and a different color on the other hand. Or stick to a shape, such as an oval or triangular shape, for example. As long as you follow the theme, the rings will look amazing. Also, don`t be afraid to combine several rings with your engagement ring or wedding ring.

Wearing personalized jewelry is the best

Wear jewelry that you love, that has a deeper meaning for you. Wear engraved necklaces, and bracelets, or rings in different colors, a pendant from your grandmother. Wear such jewelry to celebrate your life, your memories, and life in general. You have a story to tell, and jewelry will help you do that. Enjoy layering your jewelry.