7 Ways to Style a Choker Necklace

Popular in the 90s, chokers have come back to spotlight in the last years, adorned by women around the globe. A choker necklace is a necklace that goes around the neck tightly without touching the collarbone. It is an original and unique piece of accessory that you can wear for almost any occasion. You can rest assured that a choker necklace will make you look sophisticated and glamorous. There are numerous ways in which you can style a choker necklace, and this is precisely what we want to talk about.

Lionette Choker

How to style a choker necklace?

Wear a choker necklace to complement your casual style

One of the best ways in which you can wear a choker necklace is a casual look. If you want to go out to grab a cup of coffee with your friends, take a walk, enjoy the sunset, you should wear comfortable clothes. Wear a crop top, denim jacket, or high-rise shorts, sweater, whatever you like and that makes you feel comfortable. Once you have chosen exactly what you want to wear, don`t forget to choose a choker necklace to spice things up.

Boho look

Beautiful colors, light materials, wind in the hair, and wonderful boho chokers will make your day. You can opt for a pearl necklace, seashell choker, or choker with stones in different colors. Match the choker with the colorful, light dress and you will be in the spotlight for sure. Also, if you wear a choker in black or gold color you will still be enjoying the beautiful boho look.

Boho Style Choker Lionette

Office style

Who says that you can`t wear chokers to work? You can look modern and sophisticated with the right choker necklace. For the office look we recommend wearing an open-collared t-shirt and a minimal choker necklace. There is no need to wear clothes in bright colors, white, beige, black, or blue will be perfect. The minimal choker will attract just the right amount of attention and will complement your office look in the best way possible. A business meeting, dinner, or just hard-working day at the office will be better with the right piece of jewelry. A choker will give you a bit of confidence, good mood, and great vibe that will make everything better.

Romantic style

Chokers are the perfect way to achieve a romantic look. You don`t have to worry that you will appear to be too provocative or anything. With a carefully chosen choker, you will seduce your partner and have a romantic evening. The best choker for this occasion is a thin choker with lace on it. Pair it with a low V neckline and you will simply glow. Wear soft colors such as pink, or beige, or even red. This is the perfect style for a date night, dinner, and walk under the moonlight. Just don`t wear high heels if you plan to walk a lot.

Urban street style

It has never been easier to achieve an urban street style than it is now. Wear a black leather jacket, black ankle books, skinny denim, and a white t-shirt. Complete the look with a layered choker with long leather strings. You can achieve the same effect with one-layer choker as well, though. Coffee or drinks with friends will never be the same again, as you will be shining in your modern outfit, and you can thank a choker for that.

All black style

If you are not a fan of wearing clothes in multiple clothes that is perfectly fine. Chokers are a perfect match for a boho style as well as for an all-black style. A black or gold choker will match your black dress and shoes perfectly. Whether you want to wear leather, velvet, lace, or any other type of choker necklace you will be in the spotlight. The lack of colors never means lack of style, and a choker in black color is a perfect example for that.

Red carpet look

Don`t you love it that a choker can help you look fabulous in your casual, as well as in your red-carpet look? Choker with diamond beads paired with a little black dress will make you classy and stylish. It does not have to be a little black dress, of course. A choker will complement any dress or suit that you choose, as long as the accent is on your neck. You will not go unnoticed with a shiny, classy choker necklace on a wedding ceremony, red-carpet event, or any other formal occasion.

Golden Choker

Tips for wearing a choker necklace

Although chokers beautiful and can transform your looks in no time, you should take into consideration the following things. For example, a choker will work well with a V neckline, but combining it with a turtleneck is not such a good idea. Furthermore, a gold or silver choker necklace will perfectly accentuate your neckline on your night out, so don`t be afraid to wear them. Also, avoid wearing statement earrings with a choker. If you wear a choker, minimalist earrings will do the trick, but not draw too much attention.

It is a good idea to pair your choker with a long necklace. However, that necklace should never be bald and thicker than the choker itself. The main focus is always on the choker, and a long necklace is only there to complement the looks.

Chokers are great for any style that you choose

No matter the occasion, your current mood or needs, chokers will help you look stunning. Wear them to the grocery store, wedding, business meeting, or lunch with your friends and they will fit right in. It is amazing how one piece of jewelry can be perfect for many events and styles. Don`t be afraid to experiment with Lionette chokers in terms of size, material, and color. As long as you feel pleasant and comfortable, they are a perfect match.