Matching Jewelry Sets - Yes or No?

One of the most beautiful ways in which we can express ourselves is through jewelry. Different colors, materials, designs, sizes, and shapes shape our outfits and send a certain message. Choosing the right pieces of jewelry is a process we enjoy. This is why we want to make sure that we make the right decisions that lead to perfect outcomes, a harmonious look. The answer to whether you should wear matching jewelry sets or not is complex, but at the end of the day, you should wear what you feel is right.

Your preferences matter

It is not easy to reach a yes or no answer on the question of whether to match jewelry sets or not. However, if you think about and ask yourself this question, after a while it will dawn on you. You are the one person who can answer this question. If you like to see matching jewelry on others and like to purchase and wear a matching jewelry set, then the answer to this question is an absolute yes. Because when you enjoy wearing something, which is also one of the purposes of jewelry, it complements your personality. This being said, no strict rule can dictate how you like or should wear your jewelry. Listen to yourself if you are ever in doubt about whether you should wear matching jewelry sets.

Matching Earrings – Yes or no?

When we think about matching jewelry, our mind instantly goes to earrings and necklaces, necklaces and bracelets, etc. We often forget that earrings can but don`t have to match at all. Earrings are pieces of jewelry that are almost exclusively sold in pairs all over the world. And if you like to match your earrings, that is great. But, if you want something less traditional, you can start mixing earrings depending on the occasion you wear them for.

Different Types Of Earrings

What you should pay attention to if you decide to wear mismatched earrings is that they are not too mismatched. They should be in balance and harmony with one another to be able to complement your look in the right way. You can choose to match the earrings` material or design, but mismatch color. Or wear one long earring and one studded earring. The choice is up to you, and you should always choose what feels best for you.

Finally, you can wear only one earring, without ever wearing the other one. This is bold, and far from tradition. Wear one long earring to make a statement. Just because everyone is used to wearing two matching earrings does not mean it is carved in stone. Wearing one earring or mismatching them is refreshing and adds value to your style.

(Mis)matching necklace and earrings

If you are wearing both necklaces and earrings for a certain occasion, they must be in balance. This is because your neck and your ears are close to each other, and you do not want to disturb the harmony of jewelry by completely mismatching it. Nowadays, people tend to avoid wearing sets of matching jewelry because it is updated. However, if it complements the style you are going for then it is timeless.

If you don`t want to wear a set, but still wear similar pieces of earrings and necklace, you should make your own set. Choose your jewelry pieces based on size, shape, metal, color, and design. If you are wearing a statement gold necklace, you can wear basic, small gold earrings, for example.

Furthermore, if you want to wear plenty of jewelry, matching pieces are a perfect way to carry them. Layering necklaces and bracelets, but also rings can look fantastic with matching jewelry. Coco Chanel once said that you should remove one piece of jewelry before you leave the house, but this is not necessarily true. Jewelry helps us express ourselves and it is our personality that makes a particular combination a success.

Matched Earrings And Necklaces

Ring sets are perfect

While you can buy a set of rings for yourself and your significant other for a wedding and engagement, and even for you and your friends, we are not talking about those rings right now. Ring sets are perhaps the best way to wear matching jewelry sets. Two, four, even five rings on one hand of the same design, color, metal, and color, or slightly varying is a great way to wear a set. You can take a step further and combine them with matching earrings as well, or any other piece of jewelry.

While the question of whether you should wear matching jewelry sets is complex and depends on several factors, there are a couple of things you should always bear in mind when choosing jewelry.

We recommend you opt for high-quality jewelry

Matching jewelry sets or not, you should be careful when it comes to your skin. Jewelry is in direct contact with your skin, and you must choose high-quality materials. Nowadays, you don`t have to break the bank to have toxic-free handmade designer jewelry and this is fantastic. The better the quality of jewelry, the fewer skin irritations you are going to face. Plus, you will be able to wear a single piece of jewelry for a long time, as it alters in time.

High-quality Women's Jewelry - Necklaces

It is okay to mix metals

The times when mixing metals used to be taboo are gone. If you were not able to decide whether you want to wear silver or gold, you might not have to. You can wear both silver and gold at the same time. This probably means that you do not regularly wear sets of jewelry, and this is okay. We recommend that you keep one feature similar, such as design, or color, and continue to mix metals.

Jewelry should add value to your outfit

Every piece of jewelry that you wear should complement your outfit and add value to it. Wearing a simple outfit can be outlined by a statement necklace or earrings. Choosing the right delicate jewelry is creating art all over again. The same piece of jewelry can look entirely different on two different outfits.