Mixing Metals: How to Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

Jewelry has been a fashion essential for decades since it`s a perfect item to complete any outfit. In fact, in the entire history of human civilization, jewelry was a means of expressing status and wealth. In some cultures, jewelry was worn for protection from bad luck and evil spirits. Although times have changed, even today, jewelry has multiple functions, and that`s why it is important to pick out your pieces carefully.

General fashion rules imply that certain styles and metals don`t mix. However, these trends are outdated, and in the present, you`re free to experiment with wearing and layering different metals. In fact, numerous fashionistas follow this trend.

So, if you are wondering how to mix metals and wear gold and silver jewelry together, make sure to read the article below.


You can mix metals by layering the same or similar types of pieces. Layering completes your look and allows more depth, making the outfit way more interesting and adding a playful note to your appearance. For those that like layering necklaces or stacking rings, we recommend putting a gold piece and a silver piece next to each other.

We suggest layering different jewelry pieces on top or very close to each other (like various necklaces on your neck and rings on your fingers). If you have no prior experience on the subject, don`t worry. It isn`t hard as long as you follow our advice and experiment with different looks before deciding on the final combination. Also, choose necklaces of different lengths to avoid tangling and pair rings to create a smoother visual effect.

Different Necklaces Layered Together


As we mentioned earlier, the rule of not mixing metals is one of the most common myths about jewelry which is completely untrue. One of the main reasons we recommend wearing gold and silver jewelry is versatility.

If you opt for mixing metals, you`ll be pleased to learn about the two main benefits: you`ll see that there are no limitations, especially if you are used to wearing only gold or silver jewelry. Mixing metals will add a touch of class and overall edginess to your look. Also, we must mention you can blend classiness with a luxe but cool appearance.

Versatility is one of the main benefits of wearing gold and silver jewelry together simply because it allows you to present more different appearances without spending a ton of money on highly luxurious designer pieces.

What`s next? If you are new to metal mixing, it`s best to begin with placement like two gold bangles. We recommend layering a rose gold chain bracelet between them and elevating your look.

Crucial Steps

When it comes to choosing a perfect base tone, we advise you to choose the tone you feel the most comfortable with or simply the one you like most. The easiest way to add new metals to an existing palette is by strategically highlighting them.

Another great tip, if not the most important one, is to pick your pieces carefully. For instance, if you want to wear pieces alone, such as cocktail rings and earrings by keeping the piece`s base tone consistent. Don`t forget to choose clothes that feature blocks of color instead of opting for shiny patterns. If you want to achieve maximum impact, focus on a single type of jewelry. Try layering bracelets only instead of choosing to mix metals with bracelets and necklaces. Different colors and styles focused on just one area usually achieve the best effect, especially if you wear mixed jewelry on your ankle with a half or three-quarter length sleeve.

Various Rings, Necklaces, And Pendants Mixed In A Fashionable Manner

Unique Combinations

Another reason we love mixing metals is the fact you can easily create unique combinations. For instance, wearing vintage pieces with newer parts of your wardrobe can create an entirely personalized combination.

You can look up your old jewelry and combine it with modern pieces you bought recently, creating a wow effect. Don`t be shy and experiment by listening to your special taste as long as it makes you feel good-feeling comfortable with your jewelry is the most important part of the process.


While mixing different styles of women's designer jewelry, aim for balance in the amount of the total number of pieces you want to wear. If you like wearing bracelets, we recommend choosing one or two bracelets of each metal of your choice, rather than four silver bracelets with a gold ring. If you want to create a wow effect, consider wearing a gold necklace with predominantly silver pieces. However, keep in mind that similar styles are only for the bold, meaning that those who don`t feel comfortable drawing attention should avoid putting themselves in unpleasant situations. The best way to achieve balance is to try to mix metals evenly throughout the look.

Gold And Silver Necklaces Layered In Harmony Hanging Around A Woman's Neck

More Color

Always remember that adding more color is one of the best tips for mixing gold and silver jewelry together, especially when it comes to necklaces.

A combination of rose, gold, and silver necklaces will look absolutely great together. It would be great to wear a shorter necklace like a choker that fits close to your neck with the entire combination. Also, pick out different chain lengths to avoid them sitting on top of each other and getting tangled.

However, adding more color doesn`t mean piling up an endless amount of different pieces, especially since it can add up to a messy look you`d want to avoid at all costs. In general, there are no specific rules that you need to follow strictly. These are simply guidelines created to help you mix gold and silver jewelry together, especially for those who don`t have prior experience on the subject.


We love mixing metals and consider wearing gold and silver designer necklaces or other jewelry pieces together the next best thing. What is your opinion on the subject? Are you pro or con?