Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

Having classic jewelry pieces in your jewelry box makes your life indefinitely easier. Wearing jewelry daily is a beautiful habit and form of expression. Also, attending a ceremony, business event, party, or any other form of a special occasion requires special jewelry. Take a look at some classic jewelry pieces that we have singled out for you and enjoy wearing them later on.

Hoop earrings

One of the oldest types of earrings that have endured the test of time is hoop earrings. Worn in ancient Egypt, and adorned today around the world, hoops are high on top of classic jewelry pieces every woman should have. You can wear hoops on gala nights, but also on your way to the grocery store. The versatility of sizes, colors, and materials make them easy to pair with your outfit.

Choose whether you want hoop earrings to be the focus of your outfit, or just blend in and don`t stand out. With hoop earrings, you can achieve any look you desire. This is precisely why you should always have a pair of hoops among your jewelry pieces.

Classic Silver Hoops

Diamond studs

Did you know that the word diamond comes from the Greek language meaning invincible? This is precisely how women who wear them feel. Diamond stud earrings are one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry any woman could have. They are elegant, sparkling, and will never go out of style. You will never again have to worry about which piece of jewelry to wear for a formal dinner, business event, wedding, or any other occasion that requires dressing up.

On the other hand, you don`t have to give up diamond studs daily, too. You can pair them with your favorite outfit and wear them to work. Nowadays, you don`t even have to buy diamonds if they are too expensive at the moment. You can purchase stunning Swarovski crystal studs and enjoy the benefits as if you were wearing diamond studs.


Wearing bracelets is an effortless way to make a fashion statement. You can layer bracelets if you want, wear large, or thin bracelets, and in many different styles and colors.

Bracelets represent a perfect idea for a gift to your loved one. Or, also common, gifting bracelets to daughters when they get married. Investing in a high-quality bracelet also means that you will be able to pass down the bracelets to many generations.

Classic Bracelet - Gold With Gems

Your wrist looks sophisticated, and your entire hand, as well as nails, are emphasized. While there are different types of bracelets, we highly recommend wearing a chain bracelet. It is a piece of classic jewelry that every woman should have as it complements a woman`s look beautifully. Whether you want to weather for a special occasion, or a coffee with your friends, a chain bracelet will make you stand out.

Long pendant necklace

If you are looking for a single classic piece of jewelry to fit your casual style appearance, you don`t have to look anymore. A long pendant necklace can match every one of your outfits. When a longer necklace has a larger pendant that falls over your chest, it is making a statement and drawing focus. A beautiful pendant will be emphasized, and you will sparkle with confidence.

You can wear delicate necklaces with a dress, or pants while wearing a single-color top. This type of necklace is also great for creating contrast, so you can make a statement with a single piece of jewelry.

Long Pendant Necklace

Stacking rings

Another way to express yourself through jewelry is by wearing stacking rings. Multiple rings on your hand will beautifully accent your hand and tell your story. You can choose rings of different sizes, shapes, colors, and metal even. However, when it comes to classic jewelry pieces every woman should own, we recommend wearing a double ring. It looks amazing on your hand and is comfortable to wear all day long.

Wear it at a business meeting, or on your night out with friends, and you will not make a mistake. Rings have always signified love, attention, beauty, and harmony. A circle is a peaceful sign that symbolizes eternal love. Double rings only double the effects and make your appearance even more interesting.

Four Stacking Rings On A Woman's Hand

Stylish watch

A stylish watch never goes out of style and is always refreshing to wear. Owning a stylish watch means that you always have to complement your style and that you will always look ready, no matter how little time you have on your hands. While it is not technically a piece of jewelry, people no longer wear watches to look and find out in real-time. Mobile phones and other devices can be used for that purpose, but watches are romantic, accentuating, and easy to combine with other pieces of jewelry.

Watches with a leather band or a metal band are the most popular classical pieces and whichever you choose, you will be content.

Choker necklace

Did you know that chokers date back to 25000BC? The fact that they enjoy popularity even now is truly amazing. They never go out of style. It is their simplicity and versatility that make them unique and always in trend. Whether you want to wear them to a party, or a formal event, you can choose a piece that will either make a statement or blend in.

Nico Choker Necklace On A Woman's Neck

Choker necklaces can also be used as a base for layering necklaces. Velvet, metal, or any other material, chokers will complement the style you go for. When you wear a choker with Swarovski crystals or Swarovski crystal earrings, you will draw focus to your face and neck on any type of formal event. All of these features are simply confirming that chokers are here to stay and they indeed belong to a list of classic jewelry pieces every woman should have.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry is perhaps one of the most beautiful ways in which we can express ourselves. Throughout centuries some pieces have carved their way into infinity, and deserve to be called classic delicate jewelry pieces. Choosing handmade designer jewelry tells a story of who you are, so combining handmade with classic pieces is the perfect combination.