How to Wear Ear Jackets

Although jewelry is mostly considered a woman`s thing, jewelry is an important element for men too. Jewelry has been considered essential for thousands of years and, in the past, represented a way of protection from evil spirits, a means of indicating status, and today, any outfit is incomplete without the right set of jewelry. Jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.

When it comes to earrings, they`re one of the most fantastic ways to enhance your overall appearance and complete any outfit meaning that earrings add somewhat balance while adding shape to your face. Earrings are one of the most important, if not the most important, accessory for women because they accentuate the natural beauty and the overall features.

Today, they`re different types of earrings, the most popular being hoop earrings, mismatched earrings, curated earrings, button earrings, chain link earrings, and ear (earring) jackets.

You might not have heard about ear jackets and want to learn how to wear them. In that case, check out the following text below.


What Are Ear Jackets?

So, what exactly are ear jackets? An ear jacket is a specific type of earring and is one of the most super-cool, absolutely must-have accessories for every girl. Every ear jacked consists of minimum 3 pieces, including the stud that goes in the mere front of the ear lobe, the jacket (an extra addition) that goes in the back (behind the ear lobe), and an earring post. The unique part of the ear jacket is how it peaks out behind your ear, it will add a modern and edgy look to your face. Since the majority of ear jackets will allow you to create more than 3 different looks with them, making them super versatile and suitable for all-day wear. So, how cool is that? Many celebrities wear ear jackets, and we recommend checking all the looks you can blend them with online. So, what are different types of ear jackets, and how to wear them?

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Classy Look

When we talk about traditional and classy looks and ear jackets, we are referring to pearl jackets. In order to distinguish style while keeping your class and elegance, you can blend in your look with the desired ear jacket. This is where pearl ear jackets come in because pearls are always associated with that classy and timeless look, meaning they will never go out of style. The best way to keep your outfit up to date is to accentuate the little details, such as the ears meaning that you really need to know how to wear and style all your outfits. Additionally, you should always combine all of your accessories with all the other earrings, especially if you have pierced ears and if you want to achieve a specific style while looking fabulous. With pearl ear jackets, you can be trendy and classy at the same time with little to no effort. Besides, you can match all of your ear jackets with other accessories such as jeweled gloves, rings, bracelets, delicate gold necklaces, or your Sincerely Jules necklace in order to highlight the wanted look. Ear lobes can look very fresh and fashionable with subtle pieces. Why are we accentuating minimalism? We often forget to focus on the little things, like details which actually make the biggest changes to our look. So, no one could presume that pearl ear jackets can actually create a subtle yet classy and feminine look that could bring out the timeless style.

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Cute But Fashionable

Think about some sparkling ear jackets for a fashionable and cute look. For instance, if you like to pull back your hair at school or work but want to avoid wearing plane styles. You can look forward to pulling back your hair and even wearing ponytails by going for very fashionable styles. A practical side of things is that the hair can often get messy, meaning it is very comfy to move your hair away from your face. In order to achieve a cute and perfect look, we recommend adding a headband that will help you complete your outfit and overall look in a very girly way.


Diva Look

Go for edgy and spiky ear jackets for a daring diva look. If you are going to a special event or a party and want to look very daring and in style, we recommend decorating your ear with a beautiful diva and bold, inspired spiky ear jacket. You`ll be sure to steal the show.

Since crowded places are the perfect opportunity to be bold, edgy and spike ear jackets are a way to go as long as you pick out monochrome and plain outfits in order to achieve balance. For instance, a short dress or a black and white outfit goes perfectly with daring pieces. Additionally, spike earrings are a very great design that can ensure you a fun and edgy look. The best part is versatility since edgy and spiky earrings come in all sizes depending on the occasion and the overall outfit. Spiky and edgy earrings are an essential must-have piece for your celebrations and night-out events. Such a daring and edgy style can hardly go unnoticed. If you really want to accentuate by combining two pieces.

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If you want to add some color to your outfit, go for a very colorful pair of ear jackets since they will definitely represent a standout component of any outfit. If you want to emphasize their presence, wear them in darker colors which is a very subtle way to show love for this trend. Surely, you will get numerous compliments on these chic and feminine ear jackets. Luckily, there are many designs to choose from that will best suit your style, occasion, and outfit.


How to Wear Ear Jackets?

Ear jackets are specifically designed pieces of delicate jewelry with a hole in the center that allows the earrings to go through. The only thing you need to do is push the earring thru the hole and secure the pieces with clasps or screw backs of your earrings.