7 Spring Jewelry Trends

Oversized, chunky, colorful – the new spring maximalist jewelry trends are a refreshing change from the minimalist look of preceding seasons. These new tendencies bring us bolder, stronger, and more joyful pieces of jewelry, mixing up new and old styles, adding fun colors and pieces, and making any outfit more vivid and a bit eccentric. These trends tend to be more personalized, with reflecting gold and silver chains, sparkling earrings, neon baubles, gleaming metallics, chains, chockers, and more. An outfit doesn’t feel complete without handmade designer jewelry, even if you are a fan of a totally casual look. A chick pair of earrings or a layered necklace can really boost your appearance.

Here are some spring jewelry trends that will enrich your style and mood in 2022

The choker necklaces

Whether it’s a bold gold necklace or a close-fitting torque, the chocker will boost any look. It is on several trends lists this year since the Paris shows in January. Layered necklaces are great, but chunky chockers are more impactful. Chunky metal chokers with colorful rhinestones, large chain links, and carved metal will look stunning with a blazer, bra top, or sweater. Draw attention to your neck with the statement crystal choker necklace of your choice – from ornate charm pieces to minimalist metals. Chockers in shiny gold, spherical pearls, crystals, resins, … there are no limitations!

Collar necklaces are also a trend worthy of attention, especially the ones that fit tight around the neck and continue down onto the chest.

Davlyn Collar Necklace

Oversized earrings

Big earrings are always popular and every jewelry designer is doing their version of them. They look chic with every piece of clothes. Everything from gold statement earrings to colorful clay earrings, or big hoops in the 70s style, draws attention and enhances the appearance.

Hoop earrings are the favorite trend that evolves each year. Styled in every size and metal color, they continue to be one of the favorite choices for everyday wear. You can double up or mix various sizes and textures for a more unique look.

Pearl-styled earrings are also a trend, with modern updates like unique shapes and interesting metalwork.

Sculptural Earrings contribute to a sophisticated look and they are expected to remain popular in 2022.

Chain link jewelry has evolved this year and moved beyond just necklaces and bracelets into earrings. Their edgy and elegant look provides the sparkle we need in 2022.

Crawler/Climber earrings also remain popular this year.

Dakar Earrings

Bold chains

Gold is still favorite material, and bold gold chains have found their place in the hottest trends this year. From adaptable long necklaces that can be wrapped twice around the neck, to bulky bracelets and drop earrings – there are no limitations. It’s going back to the 90s with this look, but the chain links this season are bigger and bolder than in the 90s, and they are not limited just to jewelry – designers are embedding chains into shoes and belts. The bigger – the better, when it comes to the season’s chain-link jewelry. Chains give a dynamic look to any appearance. Studded with diamonds, the chain link is more glamorous than ever.

A body chain necklace, with clothes or a swimsuit, started trickling last summer, but this spring they are hitting the top.  

Carmel Body Chain

Colored Jewels

Vibrant, candy colors give jewelry a wave of high energy. From bright metal pieces to stunning gemstones, vivid colors are everywhere. As a playful continuation of the Y2K style, reminding of the early 2000s look, this explosion of bright colors brings the wind of youth and fun, which fits perfectly with spring vibes. Colorful gems and eye-catching bubblegum rings are here to stay, with just one rule -the more, the better. This playful-looking, nostalgic jewelry may look childlike in all that candy color combos and camp beads, but they stand for free spirit and refreshment.

Technicolor trend is taking over, described as universally flattering. Wear a rainbow this spring and enjoy it!

Sicilia Choker

Signet rings

Classic signet rings now feature personal and sentimental motives, and they can be customized with initials, zodiac signs, birthstones, or literally any symbol or design, and that makes this jewelry special this season. Most of the rings are gold, and the flat face of it may be oval, round, octogen-shaped, etc.

Mixed metal

Jewelry is personal, and there should be no rules about how to wear it. You can pair gold and silver jewelry without hesitation because this season it’s totally chic. Mixing metals, like gold and silver together is a great way to be creative. The easiest way to mix metals is to wear the same style in two different metals.

Stacked jewelry

Traditional gold bracelets got a new dimension – choose from a variety of uniquely designed cuffs, chains, and other bracelets, and pile them up to your wrist. Don’t be afraid to mix up different metal colors and styles, it is all about uniqueness. A simple cuff bracelet, stacked with the bracelet with gemstones, will give you a modern vibe. 

Play around with drop and hoop earrings, and be creative until you get the ideal stacked ear look.

Stacking rings is another rising trend. The exciting part is seeing all new ring styles that can be combined. They are made to be personal.

Stacked Rings & Bracelets


You can choose to stack a single finger with different metal rings or other rings of your choice. Or, you can stack the rings on other fingers, making the combination that fits your taste. Stack rings of all your favorite colors for a majestic jewelry moment.

Stacking the necklaces is also a must. From healing gems to the 70s styles, beads are back this year combined with other necklaces and are more popular than ever. 


The power of a great piece of jewelry Is exceptional. With the most prominent jewelry trends this season, we have an opportunity to leap out our comfort zone and try something new. Color is the strongest trend this year, it just keeps getting more daring, more vibrant, and more optimistic, as we look forward to a brighter future. Leave your comfort zone and dare to try something new, you won’t regret!