How to Pick Your Perfect Necklace Length

Necklace lengths work wonders for different looks – the right necklace length can take you anywhere from modern to bohemian in seconds. Finding the perfect spot for the necklace to fall is not always easy, as it depends on several factors. You’ll want to factor in your features, your outfit, and let’s not forget your preference as well. You also have to consider whether you’re buying in person or online – online shopping is super convenient, you just have to figure out what length of a necklace you need. But how to pick your perfect necklace length? Here’s our necklace sizing guide that will help you learn how to pick your perfect necklace length.

Lionette Necklace With Pendant

Choker? Matinee? Somewhere in between?

Before you find your perfect necklace length, let’s get familiar with standard lengths – chances are some or one of them will be what you need. Lengths are measured either by inches or centimeters, depending on where you live or where you’re buying from, and length includes the entire length – we’ll come to that in a minute. The jewelry industry usually sticks to these standards, so you’ll find choker necklaces which are 16 inches long, your princess necklaces at 18 inches in length, your matinee necklaces which are 24 inches long, then the opera necklaces that are 28 to 36 inches long, and so on. A quite handy addition to standard necklaces is an extension chain which allows you to adjust the length and get multiple lengths in only one necklace. Now that we’re familiar with standard necklace lengths, let’s dive into easy steps to learn how to find the perfect one for you.

Lionette Choker

Measure your neck

Imagine for a second you’re out shopping, you see that perfect outfit, but you have no idea what size you are. What you’ll want to do is take your measurements, figure out which size corresponds to them, and then proceed to try on the outfit in that size. Finding the perfect necklace length begins quite similarly and this is a pretty straightforward step – use a soft measure tape to get your neck measurements. Lay a soft tape flat on the ruler and voila – now you have your neck length. Add about two inches to this length for chokers so you would have a comfortable fit and add about four inches for a necklace that falls a tiny bit lower.

Lionette Pendant Necklace

Face shape and emphasizing features

Besides measuring the size of your neck, a few other things can also help you find your necklace size. The first one is your face shape – round faces are generally better off with longer chains while long faces are usually softened and rounded by shorter necklaces. Heart-shaped faces can benefit from shorter chains as those will balance out a narrow chin and create an illusion of fullness. A necklace will certainly pull together your entire look but it will also frame your face if you use it correctly. Use your face shape as a starting point only because rules are never to be followed blindly and sometimes, your face and necklace may prove just the opposite of what’s believed to be the “rule”. You should factor in your other features as well because the length of your necklace will highlight the place it falls to. For example, layering long necklaces usually works well on small busts. On the other hand, too many necklaces may not fall so flattering over the curvier figure. The best thing to do is stand in front of the mirror and look at features you’d like to emphasize. It can be your neck, your collar bone, or any other part of the upper body that you love about yourself. Necklace will naturally highlight the place where it falls, so work with that fact to find the best length. The chain is not the only thing to be measured − remember that pendants will also add to the overall length, so take that into consideration as well.

Lionette by Noa Sade Layered Necklaces

Factor in your outfit

Once you’ve mastered the length of the necklace based on your neck size, face shape, and other features, consider another thing that affects the choice – the type of outfit you’re wearing. Some clothes work better with chokers, such as V-necks, scoop necks, off-the-shoulder clothing pieces, etc. Jewelry that fits tightly around your neck is generally more suitable for open-neck clothing. On the other hand, high necklines and evening wear will stand out more with jewelry that sits on the bust or lower. But hey, don’t forget to break the rules and find a combo that makes you feel happy! There are always exceptions, so try it on and see if it works. If you’re ordering online and not sure how the length will look on you, you can use any type of string in your home to measure that specific length and see where the necklace you want to buy would fall.

Layered Necklaces Lionette

Tried and true

Tried and true formulas are often a key to success, so why not try it for finding that perfect necklace length. You’ll want to use a necklace you wear all the time or the one you really love on you and check its length. Lay it down flat next to the ruler or measuring tape and see how long it is. Wearing the length you know works for you already is a good starting point and you can always layer it by adding more necklaces with different lengths.

Now that you’ve learned how to pick your perfect necklace length, it’s time to check out our online shop and see what catches your eye. While you browse the delicate necklaces online, see how each necklace looks on a person – that can give you a good idea about whether a jewelry piece would fit you. Another convenient option is to simply choose a necklace with an adjustable length that saves you trouble and gives you control over the length.