Jewelry as Wearable Art

Jewelry has the power to take your breath away. To delight the person you give it to, or to make you feel proud and beautiful if you buy it for yourself. It can cost thousands of dollars, or less than one. Either way, the sentimental value and emotional connection we have to jewelry are unique and invaluable. It is safe to say that some pieces of jewelry are true art. For example, did you know that Salvador Dali and other great artists created jewelry? Jewelry as wearable art is not a new concept, yet we feel mesmerized every time we look at a carefully handcrafted piece of art, and when we wear it as such.

This type of jewelry is perfect as a present

Unique pieces of jewelry that cannot be simply bought in a store will show how much you care about the person you gift it to. Jewelry is the best gift for a woman, especially art jewelry. Art jewelry pieces have a soul and are one of a kind. They can be a present to someone else for any occasion you choose. However, sometimes this wearable art is best chosen by the wearer. Your body alone is art, but when you complement it with jewelry as wearable art, you become a walking symphony of unique style.

What is the wearable art movement?

The art jewelry movement fought against the Victorian industrial revolution. It originated from the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1920s. Nowadays, when we talk about art jewelry, we refer to the jewelry made by craftsmen and independent studios. Just like now, back then jewelry was worth as much as the material it was made from. The artistic segment was never taken into account, and the art jewelry movement fought against it. Back then, the pieces were made from Acrylic and Aluminum and similar materials that were easy to obtain. The accent was never on the material, rather on craftsmanship and emotion integrated into the art jewelry. Then, jewelry ceased to be viewed only as a symbol of status, wealth, and power.

Is all jewelry wearable art?

Can we consider all jewelry as art? While we may find most jewelry pieces stunning, not all jewelry is considered to be art. Everything that is mass-produced can rarely be seen as art. When you make the same piece of jewelry for thousands of people with specially designed machines and with an automatized process, this is not art. On the other hand, when you take your time to design and decorate a unique piece of jewelry, an item that can only be made once and give to the wearer who knows its sentimental value, this is art. The thought, the skill of a craftsman, the design, material, the amount of time, everything speaks volumes about artistic jewelry. The person wearing the piece will never mistake it for a mass-produced item.

Jewelry as Wearable Art

You can wear it on special occasions but also on a daily basis

Whether you are about to go to a wedding ceremony, business meeting, or a grocery store, you can wear this jewelry. Statement art jewelry will make you stand out, and express yourself. Combine the jewelry with basic or colorful outfits, mixing materials and styles. Your body, the art jewelry, and your personality will shine brighter when you know that the items you are wearing are a result of a true artist. Don`t refrain from wearable art even if you are just doing grocery shopping or any other mundane activity. A perfect piece of jewelry will bring a bit of magic into your everyday life.

Express your style with art jewelry

When you wear art, you become art yourself. Choose an artistic piece of jewelry to complement your outfit, and it will make the entire outfit look better. There is no better way to express your personal style than with a handmade designer jewelry. These pieces have a story to tell, and you are the teller. You make the unique jewelry come to life by wearing them and implementing them into your daily life. You can even combine two or more pieces if you want. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces will all help build your style. Without a doubt, you will be unique and stand out anywhere you go with jewelry that is wearable art.

Your wearable art will be high-quality

Jewelry as wearable art has one benefit, it is always high-quality. To make a single piece, an artist needs hours and hours implementing details, designing the piece, choosing materials, and finally crafting the entire piece. All of this would be impossible with low quality design or material. You can rest assured that the item you are wearing will still be art in years to come. And all of this is achieved without machines that would make the process automatized. This type of jewelry is only made by a skilled and experienced hand. In years to come, you will be able to enjoy the item and wear it as art without any doubt that it would fall apart or change in any way. Just make sure you don`t loose it or damage it in any way.

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Jewelry as wearable art vs Fashion trends

There is a clear distinction between art jewelry and fashion trends. As we already mentioned, mass-produced jewelry is not art. Whichever jewelry trend is now in, it is far from art. Fashion trends come and go by very quickly. They delight thousands of people and get left behind when the fashion policy changes. There is no reason to wear anything other than wearable art. Handmade pieces of jewelry that will make you stand out from the crowd. Don`t be surprised if you get asked about the story behind the jewelry that you are wearing. This is a compliment both to you and the artist. In a way, you are the artist yourself as wearable art comes to life through you.