Infinity 107 Collection



~This collection is inspired by a deep personal spiritual journey~
Moving, Changing, Flowing
we reach an end only to find a beginning
in all concepts of time, throughout all of existence
forever is a very long time, so why not have chic jewelry with you on the ride?
style-forward pieces that evoke your senses
like watching the world through colorful lenses
let your jewelry set the tone of your ensemble
and make some noise with it, even a rumble
each individual piece is part of the whole, interconnected like our souls
your pre-written story is a never-ending journey
so make it magical and loop into your inner beauty
With Love & Gratitude


What a stunning and soulful collection!!! ✨✨✨ And these wise words, evoking emotion and inspiration. 🥰

Jess October 10, 2021

I have worn my new Infinity earrings every single day. LOVE them! Ready for the necklace now!


Ruth Bienstock October 09, 2021

Inspiring words to go with these timeless and exquisite pieces. Each so unique and motivating! Love every piece. Amazing!

shu bergman October 08, 2021

Very stylish and gorgeous designs! Such a pretty collection!

Fanny October 08, 2021

Love! Such a timeless and elegant collection, beautifully done!

Danielle October 08, 2021

Beautiful collection! I’m so proud of what you created. Congratulations.

JesseRay Vasquez October 08, 2021

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