Lionette Body

by: Noa Sade
Irina Shayk
Alyssa Miller
Anne V
Bianca M Roewekamp
This growing collection of Lionette Body is about to get more interesting, so i wanted to share the process with you and let you be a part.
It was all born out of a mix of my 2 passions - 
passion #1: Express, Explore, Dance.
since adulthood started for me, i have attended many music festivals around the ball.
in such events self expression is celebrated, through dance, music and costumes.
i have always been fascinated and interested how a costume can allow someone to explore ones own personality, to search new ways to be, and by understanding that you can be anything, to feel the freedom and lightness of being
what happens to one when he / she is free to express, talk and maybe think as someone else?!
what might we discover about ourselves, through acting and dressing like someone else?!
many of us are still imprisoned by notions of how we are suppose to be, act, think, live . and so it is a very beautiful thing to watch, when one breaks down a wall, explore oneself and reveals a new truth.
in my mama's language the words: 'freedom' , 'searching' , 'costume'
are all inter connected in letters. what it means to me is that through a costume you can search for yourself, through the game of dressing up you will allow yourself in new ways, and the ultimate search of all is the search for inner freedom
passion #2: Metal Mesh!!! yes! yes! 
if you own a Lionette piece you probably noticed.. the jewels are very flexible, like a second skin made of metal.
I guess i will always explore ways to make new and exciting mesh, i just love the feeling of a feminine delightful armor on my body, how does it make you feel when you wear one?!
As soon as we opened Lionette, i had the pleasure to connect with M.J Day, editor of Sports Illustrated Swim Suite Issue. her office had contacted us for a necklace, but i thought, lets make a bikini instead!!
beautiful M.J loved the idea and a long love story had began! i hope to make new pieces for Sports Illustrated, in the years to come ! its a such a wonderful way for me to express Lionette body
Anne V / 2013
Alyssa Miller / 2014
Irina Shayk / 2016
I invite you to change costumes so much until you realize you are free to be anything and you have no obligation to be something or someone, but every privilege to be anything
and everything.
I encourage you to surround yourself with ones who allow you to change.
love, Noa


Congratulations on Sports Illustrated !
The bikinis are truly one of a kind and amazing…I can not wait to see how the Lionette Body Collection continues to grow !!!

Lee April 04, 2016

Wow this is such a beautiful post! the bikini’s are outrageous and stunning! I love your work! Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

Becca March 19, 2016

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