Introducing: The Floating Necklaces

I am thrilled to introduce one of my favorite parts of the New Collection.

A part we named ‘the Floating Necklaces’

It’s been a while that I wanted to design a necklace that will have a statement centerpiece and at the same time will NOT have a thick chain. In my vision I saw something that appears as if it is floating on your neck.

But how do I make a strong statement (which means a bit of weight) on a soft and thin chain?

After many tries and attempts I have found the answer to the challenging design

(and once I did it seems so simple, duh)

Once I’ve doubled the chain it was so strong and now I can offer any centerpiece I want and make sure that it will be safe on your neck and you can go wild with it (wink wink)

Introducing the Floating Necklaces collection, first 3, many more to come!

Which is your favorite?

link and have fun

Love, Noa & The Lionette Family