Sincerely Jules x Lionette

Sincerely Jules

photography: Kristine Lo

Malibu, CA / USA


dedicated to sisters working together


In our everyday efforts to refine our talents and share it with the world, every new follower, each and every new Lionette customer, is precious to us and we consider each as gold! and so we cant help but feel so lucky for the opportunity to collaborate with Jules and we just love to create a network of girls who grow together and love their world.

 our mutual love began 2 years ago, Lionette jewelry couldn't be happier, adoring Jules day and night. we often crossed pass and soon Vanessa and I knew , Jules is so cool and sweet, professional and a understands fashion and design.

      • Spring 2015: the idea came up to collaborate and we all fell in love with it. as soon as i heard it i knew it will be a beautiful project and i started seeing colors. which colors will be beautiful on Jules ... i saw a creamy sun kissed texture, American sunset, cactus and turquoise. 
      • 'Havana' necklace
      • June 2015 :  Jules is known for her accessories and i wanted to listen to her, to know what inspires her and what she loves, I wanted her and her followers to connect to the items on a few levels, our jewelry is the most emotional part of our wardrobe, its a heart-full connection to fashion. a woman usually feels deeper to her jewelry than to her shirts and even shoes..  i think it has to do with the stones.. I often wonder why... and so i made a list of questions, sincere, funny and weird ones and we Skyped for the first time, aka the beginning


      • while Vanessa and Jules's team were working on details and production Jules and I started co-designing the capsule. it wasn't simple , i have never designed with anyone else before, there are enough people in my head as it is, it was a lot of fun and it was the best kind of challenge!
        • first born  - The 'Malibu' anklet   the very first item Jules really wanted is a statement anklet, one you can also wear casually every day. we made 2 versions, the brass is more rock n roll edgy and the gold is more delicate and summery, cant get enough!


        • then we made the 'Bahia' earring.  somehow they came quit quick, i showed Jules 3-4 options and she pointed out these and said ' yes! yes!' Jules is an amazing accessory inspiration to her followers, the 'Bahia' was designed to be a show stopper

        • one of my favorites of the capsule - the 'Havana'. this necklace was not a quick birth, we came back and forward for months until we came up with the perfect vision, you can say that this piece was designed in 6 different courtiers, since it was shaped again again through our travels. both Jules and I wanted to design a statement necklace that will make any girl feel empowered, like all the women of the world stand besides her, and as if feminine beauty is one, and she's a part of that whole. made with love <3


          • next came the 'Venice' ring.  this one is a Jules item. i wasn't sure about making a ring in this collection, since its a category im still learning a lot about, i was scared, but Jules insisted and i am sooooo glad she did!! she said a pinky ring is one of her favorite accessories, we made an every day ring, with an original design, +AAA pearl. i adore this sunshine ring 
          • last but not least was is our best sellers must have cant live without 'Bondi' pendant <3  which was totally Julie's vision of our everyday shine chic item. we worked to refine it until a few days before launch. made with all our efforts, so we can all sit on your heart together <3                                                                                             'Bahia' earrings      
    • January 2016 - snow storms wont stop us! landed in Los Angeles 10 hours before our shoot. we gathered in a beautiful sand dune in Malibu, California , 5 barefoot girls on the work! Jules, Vanessa, Photographer Kristin Lo, make up artist Jadene Munson Wiele and myself. this was one of my favorite moments of this project, i felt so lucky to be around this humble professionals, all so kind and chilled, beach on the right, a camera in my hand and sand instead of shoes! Ah im in heaven!!!
    • March 3rd 2016 - Launching our capsule in New York City. inserting all of our joy and passion into it for you guys! this production was made by 10 amazing, talented, beautiful young women. this post is not gender specific by any means, but allow me to dedicate this to girls networking and interconnecting as we walk the path. a great joy in deed <3