Dear Beautiful Women


March 8 is International Women’s Day. This day is very significant to us since we are a female owned company and our business is supported & inspired by women.  Women love jewelry because it evokes emotions & pleasant memories. We often wonder, who are these women that wear our jewelry? Behind each name is a one-of-a-kind woman and where is she wearing this piece of jewelry to? Many of you have expressed to us in the past that you feel a very strong connection to Lionette and we want to hear more!

So today we ask a handful of our customers 2 questions:

  1. What do you love most about being a woman and why?
  2. Which piece of Lionette Jewelry do you love the most and how does it make you feel when you wear it?


Sara, California @sarahermanator

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My favorite part about being a woman is the ability to surprise people on a daily basis.  People expect a woman to act/dress/behave in certain ways.  I find that I usually defy expectations on all fronts by following my heart and ignoring external pressures to fit into a certain social construct. 

Lionette has been my loyal companion during my growth as a woman, friend, mother, physician, entrepreneur and general bad-ass.  I find the bright and bold, yet feminine designs each tell a story and reflect my inner rock star, explorer, and dreamer depending on the occasion.  Lionette accompanies me on my travels across the globe, to live music events, and has been there to mark just about every significant adult milestone imaginable.  My obsession with Lionette started when I fell in love with the Orian earrings and Song Sister hand chain.  It is hard for me to choose my favorite piece because each holds such a special place in my heart.  However, I find that no matter which one I choose, I inevitably feel more creative and strong with my Lionette on display.  I have recently started a psychedelic medicine practice that gives me the opportunity to help others struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health and chronic pain conditions.  I wear my newest Lionette treasure, the Marakesh bracelet, to each session as a nod to my third eye chakra.  The bracelet serves as a reminder to harness my intuition and foresight when supporting clients as they embark on their journey of inner healing and wellness.   Thank you to the amazing women behind Lionette who have empowered so many other women with their creativity and beauty.  :) 


Editha, California @Det416

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What I love most about being a woman is knowing when to be independent but also knowing when it's okay to rely on someone else.  While there's a certain power that comes with independence, the freedom that comes from accepting vulnerability, i.e. asking for help when needed, is just as powerful and important.  For me, finding the balance between these two is what I love most about being a woman. 

It's really hard to decide on a favorite because most of my pieces were gifted to me by my then boyfriend and now husband, Doug. So, each piece is really special. If I had I to choose, I would say my favorite are the Byron Bay earrings, the very first piece in my collection. My husband gave them to me when we first started dating, and I chose to wear them on our wedding day. Now, every time I wear them, they remind me of our special day and the promise of forever love! 


Teri, New York @travelistateri

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I love all aspects of being a woman, but more than anything, I love being able to dress up and transform my look with clothes, make up and jewelry. 

Matt cuff- When I wear this bracelet, I feel powerful, sexy and like I can take on the world, kinda like Wonder Woman.


Elizabeth, Miami @elizabethsuttoncollection

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Power of the Pussy and by that, I don't mean sexually. I think women are able to both be intellectual and capable creatures while still being able to tap into their maternal soft, and emotional nature. If you can hone in on both those powers that we hold as women, you will realize that we really are the ones in control. And that is what I mean by Power of the Pussy.

I love the ANDAMAN Jewelry Glove because not only is it so unique from a design perspective (as a designer this is something that is very important to me), it is elegant yet fierce and an absolute showstopper, makes me feel like I have extra power!


Shu, New York @fashionista_farmer

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What I love most about being a woman is the complexity, strength and adaptability of our souls.  We can be complex in our emotions and feelings but we can also adapt emotionally and physically well to difficult situations. 

My favorite piece is the Orian earrings.  It makes me feel strong and independent.  The shape also reminds me of a dragon which is my Chinese zodiac sign.


Ace Harper, California @aceharper

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I believe one of the best gifts about being a woman is our female intuition. God gives us this internal navigation system to protect our families and I have found that this serves me well in every aspect of my life. It’s that slight whisper to your heart...go this way, listen to this opportunity, walk through the fear, be bold in this area, practice humility here. It is those subtleties that impact my life in such a huge way. I pray and meditate every day to tune into that intuition more fully and that is where the miracles happen. 

It is definitely so difficult to pick a favorite piece of Lionette jewelry. I absolutely love ALL the big statement earrings. Noa the designer does such an incredible job of mixing such interesting elements together. That’s why I am so drawn to this brand. It’s glamorous, artistic, tribal, and unique. One of my favorites are the Byron Bay earrings...I feel so chic and powerful every time I put them on. 


Joey, New York @jcs_621

Being PROUD. Proud of who I am, who we are, and of how far we come. As a teacher being a woman makes it easier to help the younger female generation exude the confidence and power they have within. Teach them to empower other girls and other women! Sometimes we need another female to help straighten our crowns! Every action has a reaction, and I want to teach them to have a positive one. 

This is probably one of the hardest questions. My favorite piece of Lionette Jewelry is my Cabo necklace. It’s dainty and rainbow, both my favorite. It makes me feel confident and unique. 


Maria, Spain @maria.marcen

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Loving being a woman comes with time. I’ve always thought that it seems easier to be a man but it’s more fulfilling, complicated, hard-at-times, filled-with-shared tears and laughter to be a woman.

Right now, the Zanzibar. I feel sexy yet classy, unique.


Regina, Germany @regi_langb

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What a question?! :) I was thinking about it a few days and you for sure could write an essay about it. But I try to keep it short!

The most I love about being a woman is the inner growth and strength I gained over the years. This includes for me that as a woman I can be versatile. This sometimes also comes along with inner struggles (insecurities, self-criticism etc). But through my journey of becoming a grown-up woman now I am able to enjoy more and more that I can choose from a variety of different roles. I am lucky to live in a place where those roles needn’t to fulfill female stereotypes anymore. And like that I allow myself to be free with what is important to me in the present.

So today I spontaneously decided to give myself a try as a jewelry model and tomorrow I can be good in the job I chose & love. And in the future are waiting new roles that I will have fun trying out.

As you can see in the pictures I chose the Annie earrings. Earrings are my go-to jewelry and especially the Annie earrings became my favorite by far. I love them for their colorful opals that make me feel happy, vital and sparkly.


Anna, NJ @drbonaiutodmd

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I love being a woman because being a woman is tough- we are pressured to be everything all at once: the professional and the mother, the virgin and the sex symbol, strong but delicate, assertive but not bitchy, independent but know how to make a man feel like a man. It’s a juggling act and a rat race and no matter how we chose to live our lives I know to be a woman means you need to be strong- strong enough to just be yourself and not any or all of the aforementioned things- and that is rewarding in itself. 

It’s difficult to pick a single item of Lionette Jewelry I love but the Francesca necklace is one of my favorites. Whenever I wear it I get compliments on how beautiful and unique it is, plus my birthstone is opal and so it has extra special meaning. Its versatility can dress up a white tee shirt and jeans or go all out glam with a cocktail dress. I have even worn it with a bathing suit 🧜🏽‍♀️  


Kristina, Pennsylvania @prladyk

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Being a woman is incredible. We are a beautiful blend of sensuality, strength, talent, independence, power, and passion. We are a man with an extra 'WO'!

It's so difficult to pick just one! I LOVE the ORIAN earrings for when I want to feel extra glam. The shape reminds me of the sexy curves all of us women have. Our bodies, hair waves, and smiles. The MYKONOS Earrings are the perfect blend of my persona. I am half Greek and half Puerto Rican and feel these beautiful hoops encompass both sides of my nationality while being absolutely stunning! I can wear these with casual outfits with my hair up and in an infinity pool where the sun can bounce off the crystal glow. The GALI Earrings are for my everyday wear - I have them in two colors! Edgy spin on a classic "diamond stud" with a sexy spike for a cool factor. The TIGER LILY Pendant was the first piece of jewelry my boyfriend has bought me and it was for my 40th Birthday. I treasure this since it was something he picked out himself and said the opal stone/gold looks great on my Meditteranean/Caribbean skin.


Jamie Fass, New York @jamiefass

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Best thing about being a woman: being able to bring life into this world. That is very powerful 

I love the Bondi necklace as it is sparkly and eye catching and wearing it makes me feel pretty and glamorous. 


Diana Mui, New York @diana_mui

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I love being a woman.  I love it simply because we have a super power already built inside us. We are strong but yet gentle.  We are soft but yet firm.  We are extremely versatile... we can have careers, run businesses, bear and raise children... all without complaining.  Men would never be able to do that.   Ohhhh, plus boobs, they're awesome!

I love everything that I own that is Lionette but the hand gloves are my ultimate favorite.   As a designer and an artist I truly appreciate the ability to adorn anything that feels like a piece of art and this beauty is a stunning work of art.  I wear it any chance I get and it was the one piece I wanted to wear during one of my art exhibitions.  It not only elevated my outfit but it was an energy booster which made me feel more positive and therefore more powerful.  That was the first time I wore it.  I made the mistake of saving it for a special occasion...that is no longer the case.  One doesn't need an occasion.  In the summer, it shakes up my white tee and jeans, and through the winter it contrasts with my knits and flirts below the sleeve of my coats.  That is medicine especially during these challenging times we are experiencing... anything to make me feel better. 


Davlyn Spetch, California @davvsavv

Davlyn Collar Necklace click here for more info


I love being a woman and a woman business owner because it surprises and intrigues people. And as a woman business owner it is fun to play dress up everyday! I can wear beautiful jewelry and clothing. It’s an awesome way to express myself! 

My favorite piece of Lionette Jewelry is the Davlyn collar necklace. Not just because it was named for me. Although that is pretty cool! It is a simple piece in the fact that you can wear it with anything at all. Dressed up or dressed down. Yet it is sparkly and beautiful making it eye catching. I truly feel at home when I wear that piece! Lionette always makes me feel like a goddess! I love that the Davlyn necklace is carved out of the Aram which is a great piece as well. 


Kyle, Colorado @theplastics_MD

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I love that women can do anything and be elegant, graceful, mesmerizing, powerful, and cool.

Favorite piece Andaman hand glove!!


That was fun! Thank you to all the diverse International Women that answered our questions and sent in your photos! And thank you to all that show us continued support through the years. Whether you have bought/or received a piece of Lionette Jewelry in the past, if you have browsed our site or simply just admired a piece of our jewelry from afar, You have contributed energy and love to our brand.

This post is dedicated to all you Kick Ass, Bad Ass, resilient, powerful, dynamic, sensitive, interesting, smart, funny, moody, multi dimentional, ever changing, International Women. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you & adorn you, and allowing us to be a part of you.

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With Love & Gratitude,