9 Reasons to Choose Fashion Handmade Jewelry

Choosing unique handmade jewelry is the best way to make the experience unique and wear a piece that’s made with love – whether you want to treat yourself or you need a gift for a special person. Besides one-of-a-kind designs and sustainability, handmade jewelry also gives you a chance to land a helping hand to artisans and small businesses. This type of jewelry is a great alternative to big-box options, and you can rest assured that you’ll get a top-notch quality piece.

Unique Handmade Necklace Lionette

Customizable designs, utmost craftsmanship, passion, and pride, are only a small part of making handmade fashion jewelry. The best piece of jewelry is a piece that holds emotional value and evokes memories – and handcrafted designs are the best choice. 

There are also humble sides to buying handmade pieces, such as promoting the local economy and creating greener consumption patterns. When you buy handmade jewelry, you support an artisan and directly impact their life – and that is truly a powerful thought. Another powerful moment that inspired our business is supporting women. Lionette by Noa Sade is inspired and supported by women, and our company is owned by women. We take pride in being inspired and inspiring to all the women around the world. 

Let’s look into a few benefits of going for handmade jewelry over mass-produced industrial jewelry. Read on to learn about 9 reasons to choose fashion handmade jewelry.


There is a story behind every handmade jewelry piece, and there is a person with passion, dedication, and hours spent turning raw material into a thing of great beauty. When you get a handcrafted piece, each has a meaning, and the story behind it gives much more value than money can buy.


Another great thing about buying handmade fashion jewelry is that you can customize it any way you like. You can ask an artisan for a specific design and the piece can be crafted according to your desires. Having the freedom to ask for anything you want is rarely possible when buying jewelry that’s already made. On the other hand, communicating your ideas to an artisan means having a piece of jewelry that’s specifically made for you. The liberty to express your thoughts and use your imagination to make something is truly valuable.


A few things contribute to handcrafted jewelry being sustainable. Firstly, a lot of artisans use materials that would actually be disposed of if not used for this purpose, such as brass, plastic, tins, etc. They craft something that would be thrown away into something unique and beautiful. Another thing that makes handmade fashion jewelry eco-friendly is that it’s all made by hand, so there is no need for machines. Not using machines directly impacts the state of the environment because no electricity is needed for making your statement piece. Climate change and environmental concerns are not something to worry about when choosing handmade accessories.


Knowing that you’re the only one wearing a jewelry piece is priceless, and the uniqueness of the craft is will make the piece truly personal. Handmade fashion jewelry gives you the opportunity for one-of-a-kind treasure that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Handmade Bracelet Unique Lionette

Value of the process 

There is something truly precious in knowing that a person spent a significant amount of time making your jewelry piece. It is a meaningful process, both to the person wearing it, and the person who pour their heart and all the efforts into making it. Designers are passionate about their products, and you can wear your necklace, bracelet, earrings, or a ring with pride knowing that there’s a remarkable process behind it. You can often inquire about the source of materials used for your piece directly from a maker or a designer. 


Not to undermine the quality of already made jewelry, but when you choose to buy handmade fashion jewelry you can rest assured that the quality is top-notch. Artisans take a lot of pride in their creations and do their best to make every piece of jewelry remarkable. High quality is also explained by the fact that production is limited because they have no machines and each piece requires a lot of time to be made by hand, so they make every single piece count.

Customer service 

Only a few things are more frustrating than going back and forth with customer services and dealing with an issue for ages. A great thing about buying handmade fashion jewelry is that you can reach directly a person who made jewelry for you. Because they don’t have big customer support, they’ll be easier to get in contact with and they’ll be open to resolving the issue. Each client is extremely important to them, and you’ll get a personal explanation about anything.

Small business values 

The next benefit of buying handmade fashion jewelry is supporting small businesses. Local artisans (even if they’re not exactly close to you) use their imagination, craftsmanship, passion, and time to make a truly unique design. By buying from them you will not only show support for their efforts, but you will also make a personal contribution to small business development.

Support Small Business

Connect with (foreign) culture 

Handmade crafts represent way more than just pleasing aesthetics. Many artisans live in far locations, but a part of their tradition and culture is available to you via online platforms. So even if makers and designers are not in your local area, you can still get a faraway style and their homeland technique of making jewelry. It’s also a chance to build a connection with a foreign culture and be a part of a unique feeling. 

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