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Our 'Combo of the Week', offers 20% savings, when purchasing a combination that has passed that particular week.

"As i got to the top of the mountain, I set to meditate on the cliff, with the most beautiful view spread before me, it was so peaceful, time stood still. After a long moment, I realized the power of these 3 bracelets on my hand, I wanted to share this with you all. The Labradorite stone is a 3rd eye stone, it helps you focus and sharpen your inner vision, which is why I like to meditate while wearing one. It makes your intuition stronger and so increase your inner peace  "  Love, Noa


week #9 : Meditation Combo! (saving $108.80)

Floyd / Labradorite

Nur / Labradorite

Vashti / Labradorite


**Please note that all Labradorite stones are natural and vary in color and tones.  Each stone displays internal fractures (the lines within the stone) which reflect light.**

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