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food, flowers & thangs

Posted on 10 March 2016

We wanted to find the perfect venue for our launch party in NYC. An atmosphere
that was warm, cozy with delicious food! I looked through magazines, google and
referred to my new favorite on line NYC restaurant guide ‘The Infatuation’ What’s great about this guide is
it segments all the different variety of spots to eat: for ex: best restaurants for 
birthday parties, for big groups, for private parties to the best noodles and
dumplings, burgers, breakfasts, happy hour drinks. So it seems to have everything
you are looking for… when you are in NYC (by neighborhood too). 
However finding the perfect spot for our launch was more challenging then I
thought. We didn’t want a private room, as the feeling was too secluded.
Finally we asked a friend that specializes in restaurant PR. She recommended Gardenia in the west village. The place was cozy just like we had
wanted. After tasting the food which is amazingly yummy; a blend of
Mediterranean/Italian/Mexican, so on point. The owners were also very charming
and accommodating. We were very excited to that we found our perfect little spot!
Next was the décor. Jules and I both agreed to bring in pretty blossoms with a soft
pal pink and white theme. We are both obsessed with flowers! So I decided I will use
this opportunity to test and practice my flower arrangement skills! (Note: it has
always been a little side dream to have my own floral shop). With some inspiration
pics that Julie sent, Amina and I set out to go flower shopping and it was so much fun
to get to choose my favorite blossoms! We finally chose a combination of soft pink
roses, pal pink orchids, white hydrangeas, and bunch of beautiful white flowers and
of course now I forget all the names! I promise I will do my homework more thoroughly
next time. I was so taken away by their beauty and didn’t remember what they are
Tips on proper care of flowers: here’s what you do to make the flowers healthy and
long lasting:
Home food remedy: (if your flowers don’t come with food you can make your own!)
1 teaspoon white sugar
2-teaspoon bleach
2-teaspoon lemon or limejuice
1-quart warm water
Cut the stems and put flowers in warm water. This helps the flowers to drink and
absorb the water faster.
For arrangement of flowers:
Opt for different shapes/sizes of flowers
Cut them in different lengths so there is more dimension in each display
Mix 2-3 colors but subtle soft palettes or bright and bold
I like non-symmetric displays, nothing too centered, and I like them a bit untamed
End result: Everyone including myself was very impressed with the outcome! Wink
wink…they say it looks professionally done…I said ‘they are professionally done’
hahaha. I can safely say I passed the test, now I can pursue my other dream and
open a floral shop!
With Love

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  • Shannan: March 14, 2016

    This looks magnificent!! You both continue to surprise me with the creativity you show in all that you do. ?? congrats.

  • Andy : March 14, 2016

    beautiful venue, well done!

  • Amanda: March 14, 2016

    Beautiful setting for a beautiful collection. Congratulations!!!

  • jaime rader: March 14, 2016

    Congratulations Lionette! So excited for your amazing line!!

  • maeghan: March 14, 2016

    so beautiful. great jobs guys.

  • Brittany Harvey: March 14, 2016

    Congrats on the collaboration! It looks beautiful!

  • Shannon: March 14, 2016

    Gorgeous venue. What an incredible event! Congrats! Well done. x

  • Nickho: March 14, 2016

    Beautiful setting and amazing jewelry. I purchased a piece from Sincerely Jules collection. bravo!

  • Jesseray: March 14, 2016

    WOW! I’m impressed w/ the decor. Congrats on the launch, I want to see more!

  • Nancy: March 14, 2016

    Congrats on a beautiful event

  • Lee: March 14, 2016

    Wow ! Looks like such a beautiful event. The flower arrangements and decor are stunning. I hope you guys had a great time celebrating an amazing new capsule collection !!!

  • Shu Lan: March 14, 2016

    Congrats on the launch party & “professionally” arranged flowers!

  • Mina: March 14, 2016

    Lovely table settings and colors! Love the floral arrangements, I enjoy buying flowers for my apartment and I really appreciate your flower food recipe. Four days later and they are still blooming. Thank you Lionette!

  • Liv: March 14, 2016

    love the tips about the flowers! stunning <3

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